The Li.LAC Microphone Disinfector.
Fast, simple and effective.

Mission Control Ltd is proud to be the sole distributor for Li.LAC in the UK.

Li.LAC was designed and developed in 2020 by a team of touring sound engineers in direct response to the Covid pandemic. Knowing that when the world finally opens up again, there will be a need for Covid-safe equipment, the team created Li.LAC, the world’s first UV-C microphone disinfection system.

Li.LAC uses clinically proven UV-C technology to disinfect the items placed inside. Over 99.99% of most bacteria and viruses on the surface of a microphone are killed within five minutes. The disinfector has an irradiation chamber and steel grille optimised for disinfecting up to three handheld microphones, radio microphones or multiple lapel mic capsules.
Additional studies by the University Medical Center Groningen (NL) showed that Li.LAC inactivates >99% of microorganisms on the entire microphone (including microphone grille and inner foam) after 10 minutes of irradiation. For these studies viruses were sprayed onto real microphones – to simulate the effect of talking or singing into a mic.

Multiple tests found that the wearing and aging effect of the UV-C inside Li.LAC is negligible compared to the benefit of a disinfected microphone.

Originally designed to be portable enough for touring productions, Li.LAC can be used in any environment that uses a microphone. The unit is compact and can be mounted in a standard 19” rack together with other gear like RF receivers, mixing consoles, etc. In Germany (where the product was designed and manufactured), it is already being used in university lecture halls, conference centres and houses of worship.

Li.LAC disinfectors were used on site at the Glastonbury livestream, Live at Worthy Farm, earlier this year. Mission Control Ltd has a longstanding relationship with both the festival and with several of the acts performing at the event.  We were very proud to have several Li.LAC units on site, helping to keep both performers and crew COVID-safe.

The feedback from the crew was extremely positive; just having the peace of mind to know that the microphone that they were using had been clinically cleaned and disinfected allowed them to perform without worrying about passing on bacteria between performers.

Interest in Li.LAC is growing across a broad range of markets – including live music and broadcast, theatre and corporate, education and houses of worship – as more people experience it and learn how quick, simple and cost effective it is.

While we all hope that the current restrictions will be lifted soon, it looks certain there will be an ongoing need to remain COVID aware and to maintain enhanced levels of hygiene and cleaning. The pandemic has seen a shift in people’s attitudes and what was once normal – like passing microphones back and forth between performers – now, we think twice about it and indeed, many performers do not feel comfortable with that.

With that in mind, we anticipate that Li.LAC will become an integral part of events, giving users and artists the peace of mind that their microphones are truly, clinically clean and safe.
As one delighted user at Worthy Farm said:
I have absolutely no idea when this microphone was last cleaned before I started using Li.LAC.

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