For tours, we can arrange all the necessary licenses.

Giving you the peace of mind that your equipment is legally compliant at every performance, enabling you and your clients to be made aware of any potential issues before they happen.  We take care of all the licensing fees, giving you the option to have one invoice in a single currency.

We also work with venues to arrange annual licenses for wireless microphones.


We can supply a summary of the RF regulations for most countries around the world.  This information can be invaluable when selecting the frequency ranges for your equipment and provide reassurance to the people who will be operating your kit.  On request (and where available), we can provide links to the specific regulations.

Spectrum Planning

As the amount of usable spectrum diminishes, it becomes more difficult to select equipment that can be used everywhere.  We can help, by providing whitespace plans for most major venues – these combine published DTV information and/or spectrum scans and indicate any house frequencies that should be avoided.  
Link here

Wherever possible, we work directly with each licensing body.  Where licenses cannot be obtained by a foreign national or must be applied for in person, we work with the show’s local promoters or our local agents in that territory.

We can advance your client’s RF list to all the promoters on a tour, making certain that everyone has an accurate understanding of the RF requirements and arrangements.  We collate and pass on any feedback, saving you time.

See a sample of our spectrum planning here.


Mission Control can offer you and your clients a full RF coordination service for your wireless mics and IEMs. Our trained staff can prepare a set of coordinated frequencies for each venue, minimising the number of channels that need to be retuned each day.  As we are coordinating off-site, we provide as many spare frequencies as possible and use high quality scans, where available.